This project is about instruments. Living in Nashville as made me aware of the connection between musicians and their instruments. Be it a guitar, harmonica, piano, fiddle, or banjo musicians form connections to the instruments they play. Each of those instruments has story tell which is what I am hoping to do here with words and pictures.

1968 Kay Banjo

Easton Turpentine of Webster, NC was given this Kay Banjo as a 17th birthday gift.

Ipiranga Harmonica

Randal Steppstone talks about his Ipiranga Harmonica and how it shaped his life.


Learn about Kate Hathaway and her awesome Charango.

NASCAR Edition

David Berko talks about his uniquely decorated Giannini acoustic guitar.

Washburn Lyon

Up and coming artist Jon Latham talks about his Washburn Lyon Acoustic.


Randy Joe Oglethorpe talks about making a fool of him self with his OLP MM1.

'78 Fender Stratocaster

Sam Naff sings the praises of his prized left-handed 1978 Fender Stratocaster.

The Coffee Table

Some instruments have personality all their own. Just as Sammy Hudson about his Peavey Bass to find out more.

Western Auto Truetone by Kay Musical

This guitar kicks off the series.