Replacing me with a Weazel Ball last time turned out to be more popular that I would care to admit, so by popular demand I'm keeping it around for this installment. Be on the lookout for Jon’s new album “Real Bad News” coming soon.

In this installment Jon Latham talks about his Washburn Lyon Acoustic.

What is the Make/Model?

A Washburn Lyon Acoustic.

What is your history with the guitar?

This guitar was given to me as a gift by Peyton Parker and her family back before we moved to Nashville. Pretty much every song I’ve ever written was done so playing this guitar.

Why this one?

It was given to me at a time when I did not even have a guitar of my own. I was accompanying Peyton and learning these songs of hers strictly by listening to it. The love they showed by gifting this to me makes it priceless to me. The action is very comfortable and I know its capabilities.

Any good war stories?

War is hell, so I don’t know if this one has been put through hell just yet. It’s got many miles left in it for sure.