INSTRUMENTAL: Western Auto Truetone by Kay Musical

In this new series of I will take a series of pictures of favorite instruments used by working musicians. I hope to show these instruments in a new light, one that lets the viewer see them in a new light.

What’s your history with the guitar?

Actually, my history with this guitar only began a couple of years ago when I saw it at a yard sale in my parents hometown. The previous owner purchased it on his sixteenth birthday in 1956. He bought it wanting to learn to play, but never found the time. I bought it home and after a few weeks put in the closet and forgot about until the yard sale. I bought it, cleaned it up and here it is the results.

Why this model?

At the time, the only place in town to get a guitar was the local Western Auto.

Any war stories?

How does it play?

For what was, essentially, then cheapest guitar he could find at the time, it plays pretty well after nearly sixty years.