International Film Photography Day

07110009 © 2014 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

Saturday April 12th, 2014 was International Film Photography Day, at least according to Lomography,com. It’s July 12th according to Kodak, so expect another post like this around then. So I gathered up the children, loaded the cameras, and we took … Continue reading

Family Portrait Day

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Portraits are something every photographer does at some point. Myself, I had been avoiding taking portraits for a long time. The pressure involved in taking portraits is different from the regular pressures of the kind of photography I do. Normally, … Continue reading

First Petzval Lens Photos

Evy, wide © 2014 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

Last year I backed a kickstarter by for a re-imaging of lens called a Petzval. The Petzval is a new lens based on lenses from the 1800′s but made to work with modern cameras. It was interesting watching the … Continue reading

Black and White Experiments

02050012 © 2013 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

A couple of months ago I came across some expired Kodak BW-400 film. This film is black and white and can be processed via the normal C-41 process. It was about 100 degrees in the little shop I found these … Continue reading

Variations on a theme

P1261777-2 © 2013 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

I’ve been going through my archives recently and came across these studies I did a while back. The first image is, I believe, one of the last I took with my digital camera. Since I picked up the film camera, … Continue reading

Flea Market 35mm Slides

PICT0120 © 2013 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

I went by the flea market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds today and found a treasure trove of 35mm slides and 8mm films. I’m going to save the 8mm for a post on a different day. I purchased two lots … Continue reading

Doubtful Concert Photos

PICT0037 © 2013 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

I’m not really comfortable taking people photos, but when Sammy said to bring my camera to the launch show for his new band, Doubtful Guest, I couldn’t refuse. It didn’t hurt that the band is made up members from some … Continue reading

Light Painting

lines © 2013 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

Awhile back I did a little “light painting” with a digital camera. Here are the results. Thanks to folks over at “the Light Painting Daily News” for featuring this posting. The set up was this: I tossed some lights on … Continue reading

iPhone Photo App Reviews

fotor-sunlight © 2013 Joe Breeden. All rights reserved.

A few days ago a friend asked me which photo apps I used on my phone. I rattled off a few and decided to stop before the post got too long for a Facebook wall posting. But I just couldn’t … Continue reading

A cool new camera

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A while ago I got this camera – Lomokino – that uses 35mm film to make short movies. After a few mishaps that mostly involved me not being able to load the film properly. Ok, actually all of the issues … Continue reading