• INSTRUMENTAL: 1968 Kay Banjo


    [Editor’s note: Our writer announced that he needed to “find himself” by traveling the world righting wrongs Kwai Chang Caine style until he found his “center”. We naturally assumed he struck out on a long walk westward carrying only his favorite Moleskine and a freshly sharpened pencil. Imagine our surprise seeing him in the crowd at every Jill […]

  • INSTRUMENTAL: Ipiranga Harmonica


    [Editor’s note: We thought our writer had disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle after he disappeared at the end of a month long bender of Black Seal Rum and Bermuda Triangle documentaries. Turns out he spent the last month trying to find the Dragon’s Triangle and Habushu Bar in Alphabet City. Naturally, we long for the […]

  • INSTRUMENTAL: Charango


    [Editor’s Note: Just in time for the new year, our itinerant photographer crawled out of a bottle of pisco and handed in this report. We’re starting to think paying in hard currency as opposed to gift certificates to Liquor World will get more articles turned in more often. Or knowing our guy, maybe not.] This […]

  • INSTRUMENTAL: Washburn Lyon

    Washburn Lyon on a couch

    [Editors note: Replacing the writer with a Weazel Ball last time seemed to work, so we’re keeping it around for this installment. Be on the lookout for Jon’s new album “Real Bad News” coming soon.] In this installment Jon Latham talks about his Washburn Lyon Acoustic. What is the Made/Model? A Washburn Lyon Acoustic What […]



    [Editor’s note: We had to fire the original writer of this series, then fire the replacement, then fire his replacement. Now we’re just leaving it to one of those Weazel Balls to roll across the keyboard to write the articles. We’re sure you will love the improvement] In this installment Randy Joe Oglethorpe talks about his OLP […]

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  • Sweet Home Chicago


    I hit the road for work last week and wound up in Chicago. Unfortunately, I only got in one morning of picture taking. I did, however, get to use my new FujiFilm X-E1 and I think I’m going to like it. It’s light, unobtrusive and easy to use. The lens that was included in the […]

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  • Prints Available


    I am now offering prints for sale at Village Brewhouse & Marketplace! They are located at 1805 21st Ave in Nashville – the old Boscos building. You should really stop over there and check ’em out. I have eight prints for sale now and hope to be adding more in the coming weeks.  This page […]

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  • I Developed These


    A couple of weeks back I took a class on developing black and white film. Never having done anything like this before I was surprised at how easy the process was. And that I could develop film in my apartment, even without a dark room. These are the best five from the roll. Nothing crazy, […]